Morse Code Translator & Morse Audio Player

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Morse Code Translator & Morse Audio Player  

To utilize the morse code simply enter the text onto the left column and you'll see it is virtually becoming translated on the right column. Similarly, if you would like to decode the morse code, and then it's possible to input the morse code on the side and watch it get translated back into English.

Not only are you able to convert your text to morse code you're now able to utilize the sound too through the morse code translator sound play '.Hit the play button after entering the text you need to convert plus decoded and you'll hear the sound morse code performed.

Morse Code Translator Online Tool

The Morse Code online translator tool lets you convert plain text into English in addition to morse code back into plain English. To conduct a text into morse code, just type your content from the left and you'll observe the converted result on the right side with a selection of symbols like “.” dot and “-” and/or “_”. The spacings will occur with a slash “/” or a pipe “|”.

Somebody who can understand Morse Code with no interpretive equipment will have the ability to comprehend the message in a special crisis situation. This is a really useful mechanism for sending messages once the signal condition does not function or voice isn't a helpful way of messaging.

Similarly, it is possible to convert a set of morse code back into English. To do this just enter the morse code to the right-hand panel and you'll see it get translated to English text to the left side. Together with all the text you can paste and copy to where you would like such as Facebook, Twitter, Word, and Excel.

Let's know what you consider our morse code translator and in the event that you're able to believe, we could enhance it further? Just get in contact with us via the contact page and we'll be more than pleased to help.

Morse Code Translator Audio Function

Together with the morse code, you might even play the audio through the sound device that's been incorporated into the online tool. Just type the text to the above-mentioned panel and you will see all of the morse code created above.

Then it is possible to play with the morse code encode audio through the play button situated above - please be certain that the volume is turned up suitably on the speakers or earphones so as to listen to.

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